Penis Shrinkage Danger?

September 30th, 2010

Thanks for following along, I appreciate the time you’re spending. So there are many different ways to help with a penis shrinkage problem and I have decided to gather a collection of the different cures here for you to see.

I will list some that are dangerous either physically or by health (internally).

Ok well first things first,

Penis Enhancing Drugs (Pills): Do we really want to be ingesting something that makes my penis grow? I don’t even know what’s in it.

Penis Pumps: Yes that is right. Penis pumps do exist and you can find that they are quiet uncomfortable and actually painful to use (if you are desperate enough that is).

Patches: These are techniques that doctors like to use that brings penis enhancing hormones into your body. It’s kinda like quitting smoking except affecting your penis, not your nicotein cravings.

Physical Extender Systems: Ussually come in a kit that you can buy that comes with everything you need to basically stretch your penis. These kits are more like torture kits that basically pull on your penis to get maximum penis shrinkage growth.

All the methods listed above aren’t really appealing to most people. In fact, I have tried all these systems myself and feel quiet embarrased or ashamed. Your body doesn’t deserve to be put through something that these things do.

Penis shrinkage is common for many men, either starting young like myself or eventually it catching up to you in your 40’s of so. It doesn’t have to be this way. Erectile Dysfunction happens ussually at the same time as Penile Shrinkage.

If only there was a way that wasn’t so wierd and embarrasing. I have found a way that is all Natural! Click here to naturally fix it. You just have to do it yourself with a little spare time you have in your day. The shower is ussually the best place to solve this penis shrinkage problem you may have. Its’s much cheaper than any of those other strategies I mentioned earlier. Seriously, It’s worth a try!

Penis girth or Penis circumference

February 26th, 2010

Penis girth is the measure of how thick around your penis is. This is sometimes overlooked but is very important, especially to women.

It just so happens that the first 1/3 of a woman’s vagina feels the most sensation. Now you see why it’s important to stimulate this area. But while most guys are worried about their size in terms of length, it is the girth that really makes their partner happy.

Here that guys! Since all you worry about was penis length, it’s the girth that makes all the difference. Little did you know that there is a way to actually increase your girth by doing natural exercises whenever you have your penis erect. This allows blood flow to many of the blood vessels in your penis you didn’t even know about. Penis shrinkage is simply the opposite whenever you don’t get enough blood flow to your penis.

Male shrinkage is by far one of the most shameful and self conscious things that can happen to a man. Let’s not let it affect us. Click here to naturally fix it. Let’s face it, a man is only as manly as his confidence. I know that there are natural ways to fix your confidence with doing exercises to stop your penis shrinkage problem once and for all. That is why I made this site.

I hate it whenever men brag about their penis, you know what? good for them. First of all they probably don’t have the penis they’re talking about because 9/10 men are undersized to penis average standards anyways.

According to the penis condom company Durex, the average penis girth is about 5.9 inches. This study was done to 300 men across 37 countries. To measure your penis circumference, simply wrap a band around the thickest part of your erect penis whenever it is parallel to the floor. The measurement shown is your penis girth.

Penis Shrinkage – Problem Among Men

February 26th, 2010

Let’s face it, penis shrinkage among men is a common issue. 1 in 10 men suffer penile shrinkage after the age of 40 at some point. It’s actually normal to our standards and society to feel that your penis is not adequately good enough. Did you know that every year, many men go under psychological help regarding penis shrinkage. The penis average is about 5.9 inches yet 9 out of 10 men only have a 4 inch penis, why is this?

The secret to increased penis girth is in the blood flow. That is the simple scientific reason that we can increase our penis size and also be able to do it naturally. No more falling for penis pills, penis pumps or creams. When you get older, it is natural for you to experience penile shrinkage as well as testicle shrinkage. This is due to the lack of blood flow that goes through your penis.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard through the grape vine that penis shrinkage is such a problem is us men that men are willing to pay upwards of $10,000 for cosmetic surgery to have it permanently fixed. I can say for myself that I have never gone that far into solving my problem.